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Bit of Faith Ranch

At Bit of Faith Ranch, we want to provide individuals impacted by autism or related disabilities with a community they can call their own.
We presume competence on behalf of every participant and volunteer.

Part of our mission is to acknowledge each individual’s ability to express themselves and enjoy the activities that the Barn offers, like riding, grooming, physical exercise and more. 
We provide space for participants and caregivers alike to catch their breath and enjoy nature as a healing balm for their soul.

Learn to Read St. Johns County

Learn to Read believes literacy skills are vital for people to find work and to participate in their community. We tutor our students to pass the GED, the Adult Basic Education Test (TABE), and to achieve advancement in the workplace. Learn to Read depend on your support to purchase the books and other necessary teaching materials, as well as maintain the facility in which we operate. Your support is paramount to helping decrease barriers to employment and higher education that prevent our students from moving forward.

Port in the Storm

Port in the Storm is a “port in the storm of life” for youth who have fallen through the cracks. They say that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. No one cared if they came home and what was going on at home was often scarier than the streets. Now they are on the streets and more alone than ever.

They are no longer kids. They are hurt. They are tough. They are angry. They are lost. This is the last chance to help them before they spiral down into the pit of chronic homelessness, mental illness or suicide. Port in the Storm is a safe place off the streets for homeless/unaccompanied youth in crisis. Caring adults provide stability, hope and a path to successful future through Positive Youth Development programming.

Ponte Vedra Rotary Foundation

The philanthropic arm of Ponte Vedra Rotary formed specifically to aid, support and assist, through education, training, funding, gifts, contributions or otherwise, the Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra in its efforts to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty

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